the last supper

yes indeed! it's another boring day,, nothing to do,, so i'm writing a new post for this deserted blog,, LOL,, today i'm so alone~ nobody accompany me through the day,, not even my sister! GRAA~ she's so mean that she left we when i call to chat,, ='(

so today i'm gonna post some photos from the last supper,, err,, okayy it's not the Jesus last supper thingy! it's the red apple last supper,, (red apple: my english course institute) so basically me and my friends gather up at my teacher's house for a BBQ,, we had honey glazed chicken,, teriyaki chicken,, sausages,, grilled baso,, spaghetti,, potatoes,, drinks,, pudding,, and CAKE! LOL,, after the brutal BBQ,, we decided to go karaoke-ing =) such a fun last night together =') thanks to alain agita desi andree raphael claudia reza herry vinnie yoseph rex and of course miss ling! gonna miss all of you! love u all~

BBQ-ing all the way~

we LOVE miss ling =)

singing our hearts out,, the karaoke team!!

superb performance 'teman tapi mesra' by andre and me,, yeahh~

we had so much fun together but unfortunately our time was up,, it's 00.00 and a new day has started,, well even though we said our farewells,, but it doesn't mean that we won't meet each other again,, so my beloved friends,, i will see you all AGAIN! someday~



an unexpected gift from the world

the whole day i've been wondering and silently hoping that 'that particular guy' will walk by,, then we will unite for the first time,, we could chat and tease each other for once more,, telling bad jokes and laugh about it while sitting on the comfortable sofa,, it's around 7 p.m that night,, after rubbishing with nadia the whole day,, we decided to end the day and went home,, 'nothing' i said in my heart,,

then,, out of nowhere,, as i stand up from the couch,, a text came,, and just like that,, i blushed,, at that exact moment,, we were in the same building unexpectedly,, i don't know it's just luck or a destiny,, but i'm happy about it,, it was my wish for the day,, and the world granted it,, i am very grateful that the world still remembers me,, thank you world for the great surprise you gave me =)

heyy babo! u know what,, my heart beats faster and slower at the same time when i'm with u,, i'm so very superbly happy that we met~


hectic side of me:
i have finished my visa application but i don't get the appointment date for interview,, damn!

i search for my flight to US,, and it's expensive!! shit!

i haven't done my assignment from DVC,, without that assignment i can't choose my classes yet,, try not to care but *sigh*

my mom and dad already got back from europe: hell-ish conversation about my study (and my piggy weight!) danggg!!

june is approaching: less time in indonesia,, getting older and older by time! wew!


silver lining:

mom and dad have returned from their europe trip: thanks for the bag,, shirt and things that you both bring from europe =) let's go shopping~ thanks for the new high heels and the new shirts,, love you two FULL~ :D

my korean friend will come next week~ okayy,, i admit that i miss that old man =)

graduation is approaching: kebaya time! i can't wait to put on my kebaya and toga,, then i will walk through the gymnasium aisle with my head high~ mom dad,, be proud of me :D

perfect picture that i adore: both of us laughing while enjoying a cup of (your favorite) green tea latte and some cakes,, i guess starbucks is the best place,, agree?

i love smartie *my iTouch* and bebi *my blackberry* :D



grab a mike and be a singer

it's true that everybody can be a singer,, but i don't say a great singer right? LOL,, i think that's why karaoke box was made,, and the fact is,, i love them =) the place can make people express their thought through songs (and crazy dance sometimes if it is required ;p)

in fact,, today i went there with my girl friends,, we sing our hearts out,, from the mellow songs that brings up our current emotion and beautiful memories (or hurtful one),, to the dance beat songs (while jumping on the sofa! LOL) to ease us down! and all that thanks to 'happy puppy' puri!
it was fun! well,, i think it's more fun because the four of us are old friends and well i think it's not really relevant,, but all of us will go abroad,, nadia will go to UK,, agita will go to Canada,, chani will go to Turki and me myself will go to US,, it's sad,, but today i'm not gonna write a melancholic thing,, i'm now gonna share you guys a song that we wanted to sing before in the karaoke,, but they don't have the song,, too bad~

the particular song is 'i think i' by Byul,, it is a very famo
us song in 2008 (especially when full house is like really really wanted! haha,,) yes! it's the OST Full House which is a famous korean drama that starred Rain! i love it,, back then i can cry because of that drama,, haha,, it's really a great song with really nice music and stuff =)

to download and (of course) listen to the song please click here

and here is the translation of the chorus of the lyric
(since the song is in korea):

I think I love you, I think that’s what it is
’Cause I miss you, whenever you’re not around
I cannot do anything
And I keep thinking
of you
Whenever I realize this, I think
I`m Falling For You~
I didn’t know, but now I need you
Suddenly, deep in my heart
I can see where you
’ve settled

or maybe the easy way is just you guys to click here because this site have many kind of way in writing the lyric (just see it by yourself)

this is us~ me chani tata and nadia!

so i think that's all~
maybe i'm in my happy mood,, and that's all thanks to.... err,, better not to write about it here =)

I Think I Love You~ 그런가봐요 Cause I Miss You~


so here we go again.

so here i am,, rubbishing alone in starbucks.sms because my trash talk partner, nadia, is hanging out with her family,, so today, accompanied by a venti non-fat green tea latte,, cheese danish and the tester of strawberry and cream blended frappucinno (thx to steven.titi!) i start my rubbishing session alone,, haha,,

so what had happened in these few days?
18 may: the preparation day of prom,, so i went to GI with nadia to get a creambath,, then i bought a clutch bag for the big day,, then i went to pantai mutiara sports club with my cousin to train my back and tricep,, all that i did is for PROM! haha,,
19 may: PROM DAYY! wake up-go to my tailor-go to sms-make a partition for teachers-go to my hair dresser-to to my tailor (again) to pick up my dress-go to mahakam-PARTYY! the prom was awesome! thx to the committee: nadia cecel iin carla,, thanks to the sponsors,, thanks to allan,, thanks to the decorator team,, thanks for santa laurensia high school seniors class of 09/10 and last but not least thanks to DJ SCHIZO! =)
20 may: i went to bii building to listen about my scholarship,, well,, i think i'm gonna decline it,, as hard as my brain tell me to go to china,, i can't betray my heart,, I'M GOING TO US BABYY! =)
21 may: nothing much,, just watching 'menculik miyabi' with iin and tata (not recommended guys!) and then go to pluit village to purchase a new sandal =) then go to pm sports club with my cousin to shape up my chest and bicep!
22 may: my lazy dayy~ sleep all day~ eat all day~ comics piling up~ lalala~
23 may as in todayy: wake up shower gym shower s
bucks rubbishing

by this post i want to say thank you to my best cousin//brother RICKY DAUD! thanks bro for your help and the great days =)

these are some sneak peak from the prom~

some of the seniors =)

and here comes the committee!

now,, i want to pee!!!!! LOL,, cheers~


busy week

sun9: after having a 4 hours skype video call with nadia,, and a short one with a brazillian friend of mine,, i slept for approx 2 hours before i went to puncak with some of the social students,, well it suppose to be a farewell thingy for the social class,, but some say i have the brain of a science student and the spirit as a social stud,, so i kinda 'crash' the event =) we went to my friend's villa and we spend the day at a zoo,, it's kinda fun though,, it felt as we were kids again,, feeding some animals,, scared by the gigantic-horned-bull,, took some photos (i kissed a orang utan!! LOL) and try a short trip to a haunted mansion! for the dinner we had sate! ohh i DO miss the kambing! especially the tongseng!! =)

mon10: still at puncak,, kinda lazy day,, just hanging around at the villa,, had some lunch in a sundanese restaurant and at night we had a bbq together =) then the finale act is the truth or dare game with some beers! LOL,,

tue11: breakfast?? our favorite food of all time: INDOMIE! after dragging ourself around the villa and after some poker game,, we go to puncak pass,, having the best poffertjes and hot chocolate accompanied by the beautiful view,, unfortunately after that we must go back to jakarta ='( but still it's something very very worth to memorize! *p.s: a text came to my phone and just like that,, i was so happy =)*

wed12:it's a week before prom! in my mind,, i planned to kill the pig inside me,, but i guess that plan failed,, LOL,, woke up,, went to school to practice for 'the' presentation,, went home,, got ready,, nadia came to my house,, picked up michelle and nia,, and OFF WE GO TO PITBULL's CONCERT!! well,, the funny thing is,, after we parked the car,, we kinda lost walking in senayan,, but here,, lemme emphasize,, PITBULL IS SO DAMN HOT AND AWESOME! LOVE HIM!! so after the concert,, drive nadia nia michelle home and got into a little fight with my brazillian friend via msn,, (well,, maybe i don't have feelings,, but,, don't be like that okayy?) overall,, PITBULL MADE MY DAY =) *one two three four,, uno dos tres quarto!! i know you want me~ you know i want 'cha~ wohooo!*

thurs13: circus time! well,, just want to say that the circus is SUCH A WONDER! and i don't regret even a single penny (since i watched it from the vvip seats!) after that i went to starbucks.sms with nadia to go rubbishing =) with the accompany of ice venti non-fat peppermint signature chocolate for me and ice venti non-fat hazelnut signature chocolate for nadia,, we continue the photo slides, which already been started by michelle and cindy, for the prom,, it's gonna be S W E E T! haha,,

fri14: went to bandung! nothing much,, just visiting the research center of universitas padjajaran =) btw i found the perfect earing for my prom dress,, super YAY! then we have a nice late dinner in nanny's pavillon (love the chessy meatball pancake!) with some of my friends and my ex who is recently studying in bandung! *heyya stranger!*

sat15today: wake up early to have some practice and finally the presentation time! the event is about introducing some medal winners to stimulate the doctors to make some research and the main topic is about embrionic stem cell,, well my project is way far from it,, but i won a medal right? LOL,, i think i screwed up my presentation because i was too nervous,, but my junior said that i did great with all of the jokes and stuffs,, but,, due to the limited time to practice (2 days) and the fact that last year it is my partner, lydia, who presented it infront of all the judges (i miss those icys 2009 moments!) so i think,, overall,, i think i did good =) after lunch and the delicious strawberry juice,, i went back to jakarta,, went home,, dropped my parents to the airport cause they're going for a trip to europe,, then here i am writting this blog =)

i think,, hummm,, that's all! cheers~


well,, i'm not a full timer but ICYS 2010 in BALI is SUPERBLY FUN! :D

with dwiky/dewi evelyn/nenek nugra! YES WE ARE THE CHAMPS!

it's the st laurensia people in icys 2010!

nugra: the fool who is the LO for kroatia and brazil

zulaika + nugra + michelle: the best freaky superbly crazy combo! miss u guys so ='(

singing "indonesia rayaa~ merdeka~ merdekaaa~"

kicking nugra's ass before the FUN last night begins =)

the kicked out baby: igor

the superb last trip with the brazillian to batur mountain

lastly,, i'm would like to say,, that,, I'M PROUD BEING AN INDONESIAN =)
cheers! =)

today more than yesterday

i thought about you lots lots LOTS of times but i guess u there never thought of me,, you're like more than a brother to me,, you're more than a friend to me,, you're more than a fabulous accompany to me,, on the other side,, i'm nothing to you,, but i'm okay with that facts,, it's such a cliché to say that i'm happy if you are happy and i'm satisfied of this thing that we've been through,, but YES! i'm gonna say it,, although some small tiny bitty amount of me screaming I'M ALL SO F-ing SAD but i will pretend that i am a happy girl,, =')

i tried so hard to forget you but you just come right back me,, some people that know about the story told me that we somehow are a perfect picture,, i agreed,, we do look good together (i know i'm full of flaws but what can a girl do if her heart is stolen?) but my perfect picture is somehow torn,, and it's practically too good to be true,, i just wonder why,,

today i hear one of your favorite songs that you told me and here i am typing with you all over my mind,, missing u,, if i could,, i would turn back the time to that particular moment where we can comfortably sit and chat about anything,, laugh over some bad jokes,, tease each other,, smile and take photos,, i really want to freeze the time every time we met but i guess it's impossible,, ha,, silly me! i really wish that i can see you one last time,, and i promise to myself that i would hold you before we say goodbye for one last time,, i'm won't say anything when you are deep in my arms even for a second,, then i would smile even it hurts to let you go,,

today more than yesterday,, it's a song that maybe can reflect my feeling,, because it's true that i miss you today more than yesterday,, i want you today more than yesterday,,

'(I Do)영원히 단 한사람만 바라볼수있나요' - [김종국] 어제보다 오늘 더

ya babo! i hope u are well there~ =)

in this cold almost dawn

i'm here typing for a new post at my deserted blog,, to break the ice i would say,, I HAVE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! well i'm not technically graduated yet,, but i have pass all the tests and requirements though =) so yayy for me!! but now i'm confuse whether i should be happy or sad about it,, *sigh*

at the bright sight: now i'm free!! i'm on my 3 months holiday,, i can do whatever i want in this particular moment,, girlfriends? i can meet them like 24/7! haha,, puncak,, bandung,, bali! wait babies! i'm gonna come to u!! cause I CAN! HA! and i told u right? i have graduated from HS! that means that i'm a free person now,, waiting for my departure to United States *snow and sun shines wait for me darls =)*

now look at the other darker side: my life now? well i can't say that it's boring,, errrr,, OKAY IT'S KINDA BORING! nothing to do bla bla blaaa,, *but still it's a HOLIDAY!* eventually i will be leaving indonesia for america,, well i'm happy that i will be a free woman surrounded by new friends,, new environment and lot of new stuff to experience,, but i'm kinda afraid of leaving things that i love in my hometown,, i hate goodbyes! at this moment i can say that i don't want to leave my parents,, my family,, my bestiest/girlfriends,, all the crazy stuff that i can do here,, all the mocking and slang of indonesian words,, I'M SURE GONNA MISS ALL OF THAT SO MUCH! ='(

now seems that 3 months holiday is a short time,, i have waste almost a month and i'm sure that the rest of it won't slow down and eventually i will be kicked out by my parents to continue my study in US,, it's not that i don't want to go,, i really want to go and take that challenge,, but somehow in my little heart,, i want to stay in this country where i belong,, where i come from,,

okayy! for now i'm gonna stop this melancholic bitch inside me and just enjoy the rest of my days in indonesia,, wasting it full of joy happiness and memories =)



stupid random shoutouts

it's midnight and yet i can't sleep,, my feeling is so fucking messed up and i don't know what to do,, *sigh*

tomorrow is my computer practical exam and now i'm typing,, trying to somehow ease my feelings,,

i'm so excited to go to bali this friday,, but i still don't know if i will be permitted to go there due to my exam remedial,, oh GOD please let me go to bali!

i understand that i'm such a fool,, YES! I'M A FOOL! i know that fling is only a temporary thing but why does it bother me so much? why it is hard to let go? heyy,, babo yaa! u know what,, i'm here missing u so badly and yet i'm nothing to you! ='(

i'm wearing a hair clip now and using a pimple cream thingy just to make my face cleaner! please go away pimples! gimme back my clean face!!

i wonder when will i have a good shaped body? i dream of it thousands time and still my body is full of fat ='( i have thought of getting a liposuction,, but if i do it,, then i will be cheating,, right?

in my bag,, there is a certificate for ETF and LNI scholarship,, i'm so happy about it,, but can you guys give me a clear confirmation about the scholarship? i've got my I-20 from DVC and yet my future university life plan is still blurry,, *sigh*

i have a wild dream of eating boxes of chocolate,, scoops of ice cream and layers of cake without getting the calories! me wannaaaa!!!

should i sleep now?